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Benefits of Dragon Fruit for health


Both the red dragon fruit or pitaya white alike an extraordinary impact on the health of our bodies. By eating dragon fruit regularly will increase immunity and provide substance as well as othervitamins that are beneficial to our bodies.

Benefits and content of dragon fruit is excellent for a variety of things and the fulfillment of vitamins and minerals in the body. There are about 10 benefits of dragon fruit is what we will learn more of the benefits of this very much if consumedregularly, it will bring positive effects to the body.

The benefits of dragon fruit to the health of the body is very diverse, ranging from the simplebenefits to the benefits that are important and we do not know widely. Here are some of the benefits of this fruit for our bodies.

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Diet Rich in Iron

Diet Rich in Iron

Ideal weight and impressive and trim is the dream of every person. And to get the ideal body weight, not a few people who have an extreme diet to avoid various kinds of meat. Meanwhile, they forget that the nutrients in meat such as iron is needed to support the body’s energy needs.

If you want to diet but do not want to eat meat and still want to get a good iron, some diet menu below is said to be helpful.

  • Spinach and Red Peppers
    Spinach is a vegetable that is rich in iron. While red peppers, it contains vitamin C which is quite a lot. Two of these vegetables can be enjoyed and be a diet that is good for the body and can be a substitute for meat. In order to taste both getting kicked, you can cook it in a way joint sauté garlic, red chilli and olive oil plus a little salt.
  • Broccoli and Tomatoes
    Broccoli is a vegetable that is rich in iron. While tomatoes, it contains vitamin C is high enough. The content of nutrients in the vegetable is said to be very good if used daily diet. Not only healthy, both these vegetables also have good taste and easy a variety of delicious cuisine. In order for this menu nutritionally more impressive, you can eat the way cooked stir-fry. This menu can also be served with tuna or chicken breasts without the fat.

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Food Should Be Avoided After Sports

Food Should Be Avoided After Sports

The food is nutrition important for the health and strength of the body. But, what should you eat after exercise is necessary a good note. Try not to choose the wrong foods. Because of what? Because, the wrong foods consumed after exercise may cause danger to the health of the body.

One of consuming food after exercise may make the body difficult to recover lost energy. Instead, we consume foods that contain water, complex carbohydrates and some protein that the body is always healthy and impressive. During exercise, the body expend a lot of energy which energy is reducing glucose or sugars. Therefore, it is recommended that we consume foods that can increase blood sugar.

In spite of it all, we are also advised to avoid the consumption of some foods that can aggravate health after sports. Some of these foods include the following.

  • Greens (Raw)
    In fact, vegetables are very healthy food and is needed by the body. But, let alone eat green vegetables are still raw after exercise is not recommended. Foods containing vegetable is low in calories. For that, he was advised not consumed after exercise. Although it has been eating a lot of vegetables, it could make the missing energy after exercise does not recover well.
  • Savory snacks
    The next food that is not allowed to eat after exercise is a savory or salty snacks. The food containing the substance is said excessive salt can disrupt the balance of minerals and fluids in the body. Salty foods can also create a risk of causing flatulence and colds. Sport is one of the activities that reduce a lot of sweat or fluids. For that, you also need to restore the balance and fluid intake.
  • Processed meat
    Why processed meat should not be eaten after exercise? The answer is because processed meat are foods that contain saturated fat, which is high enough. The existence of saturated fat can slow digestion and performance can not function properly. In fact, after exercise, the body requires protein intake particularly healthy digestion easily digestible.

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The Easy Way to Make Food Favorite Become Healthier

The Easy Way to Make Food Favorite Become Healthier

Fast food is usually referred to as junk food, which is not healthy. The reason the food is called junk food because fast food is made from materials that are not as healthy as foods that contain lots of preservatives. For some cream, cheese, cooking oil is rubbish for health.

When you want to start a healthy lifestyle does not mean you eliminate the food is tasty and indulgence you in your lunch menu list. Here’s how to make your favorite foods into healthier:

  1. Changing your oil for cooking with vegetable oil will make the dishes healthier. Using a little oil is also one of the alternatives to make dishes more tasty and healthy.
  2. Choose brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice believed to be more healthy and rich in fiber so good for your diet program.
  3. Egg yolks contain more calories than the egg white. So, remove the yolk when you will prepare food while using eggs.
  4. Choose low-fat cheese. Low-fat cheese will not spoil the taste of the cheese.
  5. You will cook with the ingredients of cream? If you will be cooking cream, choose a cream without fat. Or you can replace it with a cream made from corn.
  6. Rather than choosing the usual bread, choose whole wheat bread. Wheat flour contains more fiber, iron and magnesium. Besides wheat contains more nutrients that are good for health.
  7. Instead of frying, grilling food in the oven to make food healthier. By grilling the food, it can reduce about 40 percent of calories in the food.
  8. Add plenty of vegetables into your cooking. Vegetables are very important for health. You can add vegetables to cook and eat them raw.

Similarly, ways to make your food more healthy. For a diet does not mean you leave favorite foods and torture yourself. Good luck and I hope this information is helpful to you.

How To Make You Healthier Salad

How To Make You Healthier Salad

Feeling bored with the same salad every day? You seem to need to find another idea to make a healthy salad and can meet the nutrient. Pack the salad is full of nutrients and suitable for eating lunch and the evening is good for your health. Besides regularly eat salad also helps the body become healthier and stronger.

Here’s how to pack the salad you will eat more healthy and rich in nutrients such as the following, namely:

  • More Greens
    Start by making a salad that contains a lot of green vegetables such as kale, spinach, lettuce. To meet your daily nutrition, serve at least 3 types of vegetables every time you make a salad. Two cups of green vegetables can meet vitamin A, C and K as well as meet the needs of fiber.
  • Protein needs
    To meet your daily protein needs, add tuna, salmon, tofu and cheese on a salad that you serve. For best results avoid mixing foods that contain lots of fat such as red meat and fatty cheeses.
  • Nuts
    To add a savory flavor and crunch you can add nuts. Add one tablespoon of almonds, peanuts or sunflower seeds. Not only add flavor to salads, nuts are also good for health.

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These Foods Will Make the Body Protected From Sunlight

These Foods Will Make the Body Protected From Sunlight

Not enough to protect themselves with umbrellas and cream containing SPF enough to protect the body from the sun’s harmful rays. Although the sun to meet the needs of vitamin D. Exposure to direct sunlight is not good for the body, because of its UV rays can cause skin cancer.To protect the body from the sun needs proper nutrition. Here are foods that can help you to protect yourself from sun exposure namely:

  • Carrot
    Carrots contain beta carotene which is to protect the body from sun exposure. Besides the content of vitamin E will help the body to restore the skin burnt by the sun.
  • Orange
    Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C can prevent cancer. Besides regularly eat citrus fruits can help protect the body from sunlight and pigmentation.
  • Strawberry
    Contains antioxidants and vitamin C, strawberries are is a good food to protect the body from the sun’s harmful rays. Besides strawberries also protect the body from harmful free radicals.
  • Green tea
    Green tea is rich tanic acids that can reduce the problem of skin burns from the sun. Green tea will also help you reduce the risk of harmful UV rays and is a natural material to reduce the risk of SPF.
  • almond
    Almonds contain quercetin, which can help boost immunity. It can also help the body protect itself from harmful UV radiation. Almonds also contain vitamin E, which can help heal burns from the sun.

In addition to the above foods, tomatoes, watermelon, Turmeric, and green vegetables well to keep the skin from sun exposure. Well, easy is not it? Good luck and hopefully useful.

Plant Foods Rich Calcium Build Healthy Bones & Teeth

Plant Foods Rich Calcium Build Healthy Bones & Teeth

When you think of foods that are rich in calcium, may be the first on your mind is milk. Milk and all dairy is known to be rich in calcium and nutrients that are good for health and strong bones and teeth. But, if you drink too much milk would also not be good for health yes. Too much consumption of milk can actually make the body more fat. This happens because most milk contains a lot of fat in it.

Calcium is a macro minerals that are needed by the body. Generally, every day the body requires 100 grams of calcium. The function of calcium alone is forming or maintaining healthy bones and teeth. And usually, the calcium will be obtained from some foods that do contain a lot of calcium.

When talking about food that is rich in calcium, milk is not only rich in calcium. Furthermore, there are many other foods, especially plant foods rich in calcium as well. Approximately, what plant foods rich in calcium such?

  • Vegetable mustard
    The first plant foods that contain a lot of calcium is cabbage. Experts revealed that cabbage is a green vegetable that has high calcium, high in fiber and vitamins that are good for health. Because the calcium content of cabbage is high enough, he was said to be very good for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.
  • Soybeans
    Since ancient times was known as the soy bean plant foods are very good for health. Besides containing healthful protein is very good for the body, soybeans are also known to have nutrients in the form of calcium is good for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

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Frying Tips For Beginners

potato fried

For beginners who are just learning to cook, one of the things that usually a scourge is frying. Relax, you’re not alone. Splashing hot oil, the temperature is too high to be charred fried or oil spills everywhere which are difficult to clean, make the show cooking so messy.

I feel you. But do not worry. Not that worries in this frying makes you can not enjoy crunchy fried spring rolls or fried bananas favorites you know. It’s a trick for you who fear frying, which can be practiced:

  • Recognize Type Used Frying Pan
    Generally there are two types of pans used for frying, the pan-fry or deep-fry. Pan-fry skillet is more flat and wide, is used for frying or sautéing fillets. While deep-fry over the surface and used for frying foods in great shape, such as donuts or fried chicken.
  • Do not Fear With Hot Oil
    Many people are nervous to face the hot oil and food plunged into it. Usually we will automatically plunge the food from a distance. And that actually make the oil spills out everywhere you know. The solution: enter the food slowly from close range. The closer the hand into the frying pan, instead of oil will be more ‘benign’.
  • Use the drain
    This tool is inexpensive and can be found in the nearby shops. Drain  ideal is one that has a long handle so that the fried food is not caught her.

It is necessary flying hours in order to produce fried gorgeous without the need to bring ‘souvenirs’ injuries due to hot oil splashes. Hopefully the above tips can help you yes, Ladies.

Easy Tutorial to soften Beef With Baking Soda

Easy Tutorial Empukkan Beef With Baking Soda

Meat is full of protein is much preferred. The meat can be processed into a wide variety of delicious dishes and mouthwatering. Meat is the most preferred for daily consumption are beef and mutton.

Unfortunately, many complained about the difficulty of cooking beef. Obstacles often experienced before processing the meat is tough cooking results. The meat will be tough because sometimes the wrong way to cook and so forth. Usually the majority of people will meat by beating it, but it was a bit tiring and it also can destroy the texture of the meat.

Well, you do not need to be troubled again. This time it will deliver a meat with baking soda as shown below.

Not many people know that baking soda was very beneficial to make the meat more tender and easily processed. The trick is quite simple, you simply sprinkle baking soda on top of the meat. Let stand for a few moments in the refrigerator. After that, rinse with clean water and meat ready to be processed.

Very practical is not? You no longer need to waste energy by flailing the meat so tender. Good luck ya!

Pasta Octopus, Creative & Easy Tips to Eat Pasta

Pasta Octopus, Creative & Easy Tips to Eat Pasta

For you lovers of pasta, would sometimes find difficulty when to eat pasta with a fork. Unlike the instant noodles are easily retrieved, straight pasta slippery texture is often difficult to be taken with a fork.

But if you want to eat pasta with an easier way and unique, here are a creative way to eat pasta, namely by making pasta octopus. The materials you need, you just prepare medium to large sized mushroom and pasta you want cooked. Especially for the octopus pasta, you could just use some sort of linguini pasta, spaghetti and other long and shaped sticks.

How easy really:

  • Cut the mushrooms with a length of 1 cm.
  • Stick any pasta to mushroom stalks.
  • Boil the pasta until cooked as usual. Drain
  • Pour the pasta with the sauce.

This octopus pasta can certainly make you easier to eat pasta because it was tied together with mushrooms, as well as a unique way of serving pasta so because its shape like an octopus. Want to try?

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